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2duets pierpaolo effe feat. cosimo lagioia (accordion) live @ magneet festival – amsterdam



Live Set comprised of electronic music played with the aid of a Laptop, a controller and a keyboard with the acoustic accompanyment of the mediterranean sounds of a live accordion.

Experimentation, contamination and above all improvisation are at the core of the 2dUeTs project. The musicians play with a generous freedom and, largely through using the very latest computer/controller console, Pierpaolo Effe is able to play and improvise with equal liberty. The instrumentalists incorporate base, rhythm, effects & tonal variety that are all thought up and put forward in the moment thus reaching a truly original interactive sound. They are a group of musicians representing the synthesis of a live project… a project that over the course of three years has seen the DJ from Bari (Puglia, SE Italy) perform with over 50 musicians and singers from a diverse range of styles, jazz, classic, funk, rock & roll…ecc.

With 2dUeTs the metallic sound of electronic music is fused with the melodic sounds of the flute, tenor sax, soprano sax, accordion and the vibrancy of percussion.


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